10 things to bring fun home this children’s day

10 things to bring fun home this children’s day


Children’s day is celebrated on 14th of November, the birth date of Indian First Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, every year.

Every organisation and school celebrates the Children’s Day in its own way. There are lots of methods that can celebrated  this Children’s day.As kids we were always excited and looking forward for Children’s Day since its a fun day.There use to be activities, food, colours, balloons, dress code and exciting fun.

As Parents we take part in this event very enthusiastically to make our children happy and make this day special for them and if your kids are missing on the Children’s day in school, you can always bring a lot more fun for them at home.

  Here are 10 things to bring fun home this Children’s Day ;

Kids MasterChef: Simple fun food is something kids love to make as it lets them use their creativity level. So try the keep the meals very simple–like a pizza.They can have few of their friends coming over and have a competition. This will be more like a fun activity in school!

Visit a park: Take your kids out to a fun park that they’ve never been before..maybe like a water park with their friends. I’m sure they are going to love this activity more then their school activities.

Picnic adventure: Let the kids have an adventure lunch picnic with the family or you can take few of their friends and explore the place.

Kids gardening: Kids should be aware of their environment, and this is one of the best ways to teach the kids. They learn and have fun at the same time being out in nature and getting all muddy!

Craft work: There’s a lot of things that kids can do and experiment with arts and crafts. just find what interest them the most and let them explore and create what they enjoy and like the most!

Bike Ride: Get together and go for a bike ride with your kids, and let them have a little bit of excercise along with fun

Home Science experiments: Kids have always been  facinated with science. They can have their hands on anything fun they like to do,maybe creating somethings out of the junks

Visit Animal shelter: Lets the kids be educated on programs about animals where they can love and care for them

Outdoor games: You can let the kids have an outdoor game like badminton, football or anything they enjoy with their friends.

Cakes and Chocolates:Everybody loves chocolates, so it’s just a win-win.Anything is good if its made of chocolates and with Cadbury chocolates we can’t argue with the joy of eating.

As parents we all want to help our children to be kind to people and help them avoid bad habits and develop a good character in general. It’s okay to forget about everything  and remember what it’s like to be a kid again, its okay to be a kid once in a while and its nice to surprise them playing peek-a-boo, letting them jump and play around and just enjoy the moments.

Here’s a cute clip

Happy Children’s Day everyone!


3 thoughts on “10 things to bring fun home this children’s day”

  • Love the list of ideas you shared. Usually as a parent it gets tuff at times deciding on how to bring in certain occasions. Your blog has me sorted for this children’s day.

  • I am all grown up now but have always been celebrating Children’s Day someway or the other each year. So this time I’ll definitely do one of the above mentioned things, to make that kid in me happy. Happy Children’s Day!

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