All you need to know about organic cotton

All you need to know about organic cotton

When we speak of organic baby clothes, what do we mean by Organic?

Organic Cotton is generally understood as cotton that is  grown in subtropical countries.Since organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, it should contain fewer synthetic pesticides than conventional cotton.

Organic clothing was not very popular especially in India until few years back. Organic clothing are the safest.Organic cotton on kids are the best and most preferred, be it a night suit/outer wear /etc .It is soothing, comfortable and breezy.Its completely free of chemicals and synthetic substances and does not cause any irritation to the baby’s skin. Organic cotton can greatly help in improving the overall environment and preventing contamination.

Organic Cotton in India

Organic cotton is presently produced in 20 countries in all arable continents. India, Syria, Turkey, China and the US are currently the largest producers.The demand for organic cotton has increased the awareness for social and environmental issues among consumers and companies and has lead to strong growth of organic cotton over the last few years.

Choosing the right clothing for my child

Being a mom myself I always ensure and choose the right clothing for my child and what more can I ask when everything is available online and getting delivered at our doorstep, however all you need to do is choosing the right brand for your child before deciding upon anything.

Being a social media maniac,I recently came across organic cotton online India

Since I’ve been using their products for almost a year now.I’m really happy with everything be it the designs/fabric etc.These products are so comfortable.They have a very limited collection of clothes for boys and girls from organic rompers to organic night suit , but the quality is worth the price.I also love the various vibrant colours they have used in their range of clothing.

So, if you’re looking something comfortable nice and fashionable for your child then check page their page here Berrytreeindia and thank me later.









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