Hey guys hope you all are doing great,i finally managed to find time and update my blog I’ve been busy with the cakesmash prep/photoshoot and finally its done and I’m glad it turn out the way i wanted it and it wouldn’t have been possible without my husband he’s been helping me,running around for small little things and before i forget to mention these photos were clicked by him.

Well the birthday prep is on full swing and I’m really putting my brain in it since il be arranging/decorating the candy buffet myself:)

Oh like i mentioned earlier that i will be sharing the photos soon and i kept my promise:)ABS_6488.jpg

These tiny fingers!


This cake was about to vanish,it was so much fun.

ABS_6393.jpgMake what you can ,i love paper crafting, paper is so cheap and versatile,we cut out about a 10-15 triangle pendants and use them.


This is it I’m done mama i need a shower:)



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