Everything you need to know about Consulting

Everything you need to know about Consulting

What do we mean by Consulting?

Consulting is more than giving advice. When we hear the word ‘Consulting’ we often think of advising enterprise businesses on corporate strategy.
Let us first understand the true meaning of Consulting.
The true meaning of consulting is helping people solve problems and move from their current state to their desired state.
A Consultant is somebody who gives advice.
So the question we have to ask is “why do people buy advice?”
Well, why do people ask for advice?
When we want to achieve something, change something, attain something, or become something, and we need help.
With that being said, although we are there but the current state of things isn’t how we want it to be and to know the desired state we need advice to achieve and get there.

Let me break this article and explain how many types of Consultants are there, there are three main types of Consultants :
1. Management Consulting
2. Corporate Consulting
3. Independent Consulting

1. Management Consulting: Management consulting make some of the highest salaries in the professional world, and getting into the field is extremely difficult and ludicrously competitive.Management Consulting is the business of analysing and offering solutions to complex problems within an organisation. This is a valuable service because consultants can offer an outside, unbiased perspective to the problem and devote their full attention to solving it.
2. Corporate Consulting: Corporate consulting is a professional undertaking.Corporate consulting covers a massive spectrum of job descriptions and focuses.This is more of a catch-all category for those with a “consulting” job description in the corporate world.Like all other profession, working as a corporate consultant is not a commercial venture, it is a professional undertaking.
3. Independent Consulting: Independent consultant is a self-employed, and small business owner may be used to accurately describe a non-employee that performs work for a company for an agreed upon price.Successful independent consultants get literally everything people want from their careers.

Also, here are few things to keep in mind and sharing few of the components that will help you make a plan for challenges:
Listing of services to be provide ,listing of required contributions by the client, compensation and payment details, timeline details, ownership of materials, proprietary information and use of materials, terms for additional services, limitation of liability ,handling of disputes, communication details, entire agreement, interpretation & Enforcement,Signatures of involved part.

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