New Pampers Premium Care Pants Review

New Pampers Premium Care Pants Review


During those first few days post the baby, there are so many things I must decide upon and the first I’m always confused about is diapers and the type of diapers.

Never were those truer words “Pampers is the best way to pamper your baby.” Although I have tried few other brands, there is no other brand that absorbs wetness as well as Pampers does.

Recently, I was invited to attend a new launch from Pampers called New Pampers Premium Care Pants, here in the Capital.

It’s supposed to be the softest Pampers ever and best for skin protection.

As a new mom, we experiment and try other brands. Although I have never faced any problems using them but feared the fact that the baby is in a diaper for a longer duration and worried that my child might develop a rash or skin irritation.

So, this new Premium Care product from Pampers got me questioning how soft could it even be? And how exactly can they claim it is good for my baby’s skin. So, I decided to try it out, and I’ve been using it for more than a week. And after using it for a week, I’m so excited and happy to review this product.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Excellent Product

Softness: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants are the softest pampers ever. And all you need to do is try it and feel the need to touch this diaper to believe it. The diaper is as soft as cotton and the belt, which is in contact with the baby for the longest time, is extremely soft and stretchy. More than me, my baby is so happy with the product.

Breathability: Why breathable? If you look closely at the pack, there is something called air channels – despite having seen a video of how these air channels work, I was confused, to begin with. But the moment you have a look at the diaper, you clearly see these channels that allow air to pass between the baby’s skin and the diaper.

Absorption: Nighttime can be a little stressful for both the mother and the child. These diapers worked perfectly well through the night. It can absorb and retain a large quantity of liquid just like my Baby Dry Pants product from Pampers. In fact, after use, you can see the air channels more clearly as the entire pee is equally distributed across the diaper, and does not lump together in one place at all. Also, what struck me the most was the Wetness Indicator – the creation is outstanding. It turns blue when it’s time to change the diaper, making sure my child never has a wet diaper on.

Lotion: Have you ever come across a diaper which has the soothing fragrance for your child? One thing is for sure – you will notice the fragrance the minute you open the pack. It’s soothing and mild for the baby. These diapers have lotion with Aloe Vera. Having said that, I am more comfortable and stress-free before putting the diaper on my baby.

Disposal: Another smash hit – The New Pampers Premium Care Pants have a DISPOSAL TAPE. Disposable diapers are a great convenience in the modern world and having said that, gone are the days when we had to put diapers in a separate bag within the dustbin – afraid of them opening and smelling bad. The disposal tape firmly holds the diaper together. What an innovative and thoughtful move by the brand!

Price: Price is a little bit on the higher side for sure. I am used to paying around INR 700 after discount on Amazon for the Baby Dry Pants, which has about 75 diapers. I paid the same amount of 700 after discount for about 55 Premium Care Pants. But I can still say that with the kind of quality that pampers have, the price is worth and pocket-friendly.

The diapers are excellent for the price. I found it worth for my baby with a soft diaper that protects her skin so well even if I got fewer diapers in the pack.

Last but not the least, I am super happy with the product. There is no doubt that Pampers has launched such a FANTASTIC product! Seriously, it couldn’t get better than this!!

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