Oil Massage during Pregnancy Pros & Cons

Oil Massage during Pregnancy Pros & Cons

Motherhood is a journey full of questions and discoveries. The millennial moms today get all their questions answered on google along with the ton of advice that they get from family, friends, and doctors.

One of the very important questions to answer is about self-care.

A woman’s body is constantly changing as the bump grows. Prenatal massage is something that can be a helpful tool of self-care for a mom-to-be to navigate through the journey.

Women generally take 10-60 minutes of massage sessions, 1-2 times a week
during second and third trimester depending upon the doctor’s recommendation. Generally, grape seed, coconut and olive oil make for a good choice for the massage.

The biological issues like lower back pain, muscle tension, swelling around
joints as well as the psychological load due to sleeplessness, anxiety and
hormonal changes demand major care and massage is a major tool to tackle these issues.



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