Quick and easy homemade baby food!

Quick and easy homemade baby food!

Hey everyone this is my first post on baby food recipes and I will try to post more on this topic in future which are tried and tested .

Some recipes are incredibly easy to make and it’s also a great way to keep your baby healthy.
I ain’t pro myself but still learning:). Follow below what I think is highly recommended for new mama’s to adapt .
A sliced pumpkin(fresh)
2 slices of sweet potato
A spoon of butter
2 cups of boiled water
1 spoon of cereals(rice and lentils each)
Pumpkins-They are good source of potassium,protein & iron .Pumpkins can be poached,boiled,steamed or baked..but i prefer to mix everything and cook it together.
Sweet potatoes-They are high in vitamin A and beta carotene as well as potassium.
It contains a good amount of VitaminE,Calcium and folate(its good for first baby food-sep starters)
In a large bowl,mix together all the items pre heat the slow cooker ,add butter and mix all the ingredients and keep on stirring(leave it covered for 5-7 minutes)add boiled water and let it cook(it takes at least 15-20mins)
Make sure the vegetables are cooked and soft once cooked (mash it for 5 minutes incase your baby is still struggling with teething).
Its easy as it sounds – good source of necessary natural source of vitamins / minerals and healthy dose of energy to keep your lil one happy and healthy . Few snaps of end results for you guys to refer .
Hope your lil one enjoys it:)!

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